the Batavia

The story about the tragic downfall of the glorious VOC ship Batavia

The tragic hero and merchant Cornelis wants to mutiny the Batavia in revenge for the death of his wife, because the VOC find their load more important than human lives. At the ship, he meets the young ex-soldier Wiebe. Wiebe has signed on to protect his ten-year old brother who is recruited to work at the Batavia.

Cornelis freaks out when his munity fails because the ship crashes into the coast of one of the Albrolhos islands just off the coast of Australia. Luckily, most sailors find their salvation on the island. If the chief merchant along with other senior officers runs off in a sailing sloop, Cornelis remains highest in rank and he has to take the lead. Cornelis creates a plan to munity the first ship that comes along, but soon he realizes that there are too many witnesses on the island. Wiebe tries to change Cornelis’ mind, but when he fails, a terrible massacre breaks out. Wiebe manages to rescue a few men and he escapes to another island with them. They can barely resist Cornelis and his mutineers until a ship appears on the horizon. Fortunately, Wiebe succeeds to warn the ship that passes by and the bloodshed is over.

Of the 340 on board, only 68 men arrived in Batavia

A touching story about the vanishing of boundaries, laws and regulations.

Genre: historical saga / action / thriller

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