80 Years of War Part 2

After the assassination of William of Orange there arises a power void and political chaos in the North of the Low Countries.

Johan von Oldenbarnevelt establishes order and founded a republic, for the first time in history, in his ambition to create a state without a King or Queen. His motto was: ‘Unity makes power.’ To accomplish this, he needs the young Maurice of Nassau, seconded oldest son of William of Orange, to be on his side and appoints him as army leader of Holland.

When they are trying to work together to unite the country, the first capitalistic organisation of the world is founded; the VOC. It becomes bigger and richer extremely fast, and while Johan supported them fully at first (for a richer country is better) he now notices how they start to intervene with his politics. When he tries to limit their power before it’s too late, the VOC turns to Maurice.
Maurice, hungry for power and trying to live up to his father William of Orange, is lured into a collaboration with the mighty VOC; if he helps to get rid of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt and grands the VOC to gain more power in politics, they will support him fully to continue war against Spain to conquer the whole of the Low Countries like his father wanted.

Maurice executes Oldenbarnevelt for treason. After that the bloodline of the Orange is the most powerful is the Netherlands.

The Netherlands will become a monarchy 200 years later, up until this day.

Genre: Historical / Action

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